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What is Graduate Assistantship. Graduate Assistantship is guaranteed financial aid with duties in teaching, research or school management. Usually students receiving A graduate assistantship is a way for a graduate student to work for a university in his or her chosen field, generally while being paid a small stipend in combination Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit graduate assistantship - Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen. graduate What is a Graduate Assistantship? A graduate assistantship serves two purposes: To provide graduate students with part-time, paid work experiences in their field of

What is a Graduate Assistantship? A graduate assistantship helps students pay for grad school through a combination of tuition waivers and cash compensation. The Graduate assistantship (GA) is a generic term referring to financial support of graduate students that results in a stipend and compensation and for which performance Graduate student assistantships (Policy 1.3) are an arrangement in which financial support is awarded to a graduate student who engages in teaching and/or research A Graduate Assistant is a graduate student who the university has appointed to assist the Institution, a Program, a Department, or a Faculty Member, in carrying out Students offered an assistantship must electronically sign the Graduate Assistantship Contract, which is a contract between the student and department. Assistantship

Graduate Assistantships Assistantships set you apart in graduate school. You can gain real world experience by conducting guided research with experienced faculty Graduate assistantships are beneficial to the employing university as well because graduate assistants fill positions that would cost the university significantly more

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At Ohio Fisher College of Business, graduate assistants can put in ten hours of work each week and in return expect a 50 percent tuition waiver as well as a monthly A graduate assistantship will help you finance your education. A graduate assistantship position is largely invaluable due to the academic/practical work experience and

Assistantships serve to facilitate graduate students in the prompt and successful completion of an advanced degree program and to provide work experience in a setting The assistantship has two main objectives: a) to give the assistants, who will be future language teachers, the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of other

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Graduate Assistantships. A limited number of full- and part-time graduate assistantships are awarded to MSPS students on a competitive basis. These assistantships cover Assistantship stipend increases are approved annually by the Board of Trustees, which includes two voting student members, upon recommendation from the provost and Graduate Assistantship and Doctoral Fellows Position Descriptions. There are two main types of academic graduate assistantships available: Graduate Assistantships Graduate assistants are non-tenure and not-tenure track registered graduate students in good academic standing who work up to 20 hours per week during the academic

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Graduate assistantships generally entail 10-20 hours of responsibilities per week (.25 to.50 full-time equivalent (FTE)). For GI or GTA roles, one student credit hour is Academic programs and hiring departments may differentiate graduate assistantship stipends by graduate student status (master's-level, doctoral-level, first-year or A graduate assistantship provides financial support for a graduate student for a set period of time during which the student is expected to pursue activities towards A full graduate assistantship has a 10 hour per week student job. Pro-rated assistantships have student jobs with commensurately fewer hours. For international student Graduate Student Assistantships One of the most common sources of funding is the graduate assistantship. Assistantship appointments provide financial support to

Students on a 25% graduate assistantship must enroll in a minimum of 9 hours and are not allowed to work more than 10 hours/week. Students are not allowed to hold an assistantship greater than 50% without the approval of the graduate school. Exceptions are typically available for one semester only A graduate assistantship offer is contingent upon receiving and maintaining valid visa status. International students holding teaching positions must meet the University's language requirements. Some colleges/departments require international students with graduate assistantships to demonstrate additional English proficiency. You will get more information at International Student Orientation. A graduate assistantship is 'qualified' if it is at least half of a full assistantship (a quarter-time appointment, roughly equivalent to 10 hours per week). Tuition Remission - The in-state tuition portion and all required fees (comprehensive fees, activity fees and, where applicable, the international student fee) paid on behalf of a student serving in a qualified graduate assistantship Graduate fellowship and assistantship awardees are expected to devote 10 to 20 hours a week teaching, conducting research, or assisting with administrative functions during the semester in which their fellowship or assistantship is awarded. Graduate fellowships and assistantships are awarded primarily in recognition of academic qualifications.

Graduate assistantship appointments are contingent upon satisfactory performance of assigned duties and continued academic and employment eligibility. Departments are expected to evaluate the performance of graduate students on assistantships and provide regular feedback and opportunities for improvement. Should performance issues arise, follow these guidelines: Keep written records of any. Graduate Assistantships. Approximately 120 graduate assistantship (GA) positions are sponsored by The College of Saint Rose each academic year. They are meant to provide qualified master's degree candidates with opportunities to augment their educational experiences Cover Letter for Graduate Assistantship Examples [Middle] The first of these examples works: Right Example; I'm a huge fan of your work in X-ray crystallography.I know a graduate assistantship is a way to pay my dues. I also know from your ad that you need an assistant skilled in research, grading papers, and data entry.I think I'll fit in nicely thanks to these accomplishments: Research. Graduate Assistantship Opportunities. Lander University offers a wide variety of graduate assistantship (GA) opportunities. Graduate students awarded a GA work approximately 20 hours per week during the school year. In return, GA positions cover half of the tuition and required fees (for fall and spring) and provide a stipend of $3,000 per semester. Students must first be admitted in a Lander.

Assistantship definition is - a paid appointment awarded annually to a qualified graduate student that requires part-time teaching, research, or residence hall duties Graduate Assistantship - Local Economic Development. James Madison University 4.4. Harrisonburg, VA 22807 (James Madison University: Main Campus area) $8,474 a month. Students may apply to a graduate assistantship prior to being accepted into a graduate program All graduate assistantship positions should have a job description describing the duties and other job-related responsibilities. Back to List . Work Assignments and Related Factors. To utilize the three categories of assistantships, the following provisions should be observed. Work assignments for each type of assistantship should be as specific as possible and should be developed to reflect. Graduate Assistantships Each year Graduate Assistantships are offered to Graduate students with a history of academic excellence. We are only able to offer Graduate Assistantship (GA) awards to a very small percentage of applicants, so being selected is a great privilege. The assignment of the graduate assistantship position is made by the John.

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What Compensation to Expect From a Teaching Assistantship . As a graduate teaching assistant, you can typically expect to receive a stipend and/or tuition remission. The details vary by graduate program and school, but many students earn a stipend between roughly $6,000 and $20,000 annually and/or free tuition. At some larger universities, you. This Guide Memo summarizes the regulations regarding Graduate Student Assistantship appointments at Stanford University. Definition of the Graduate Student Assistantship is followed by the criteria for eligibility to hold an assistantship, a brief description of each type of assistantship, the rules governing Tuition Allowance, and other policy matters Graduate Assistantship Job Board. Please click on the links below to view the job description and express interest. 10 Hour per Week Positions. Job Code 109: Graduate Assistant for Academic Support - Accounting, Finance and Law. Job Code 110: Graduate Assistant for Academic Support - MBA. Job Code 111: Graduate Assistant for Academic Support - Marketing and Management. 20 Hour per Week. A Graduate Assistantship is essentially a job where you work for the college or university where you will be a student. Typically, you may work in one of their departments, and in return have your tuition covered by the institution. Are you hoping to complete your graduate program without going further into debt? And, do you currently not hold a full-time job which is willing to reimburse you.

The deadline to consider assistantship applications for most units is mid-February. Links to the online application and other resources can be found elsewhere on this page. Click here for a list of hiring units on campus. Campus Units Participating in Employment of Graduate Assistants . Many EIU departments and organizations participate in the hiring of graduate assistants. You can click here. Graduate Assistantship is an opportunity for graduate students to finance their studies while acquiring professional skills. Graduate students will receive paid part-time work experiences focused on expanding their skills under supervision. GA's provide faculty and/or university staff assistance in carrying out special projects or other assignments that require advanced critical thinking and. Assistantship awards offer a stipend to the student in return for certain specified services to Colorado State University. The stipend is treated as income (subject to withholding taxes) and both the University and the student agree to a formal appointment when an assistantship is arranged. Graduate Assistant Minimum Stipends are published each. Graduate Assistantship The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected a number of Indian students who were headed to international institutions for a PhD program. In order to provide engagement to higher education aspirants, the Department of Computer Science at Ashoka University has created a special program for qualified candidates Graduate assistantship stipends are funded from the instructional budget of the University or from grants and are awarded as remuneration for services rendered. Assistantship stipends are considered taxable income. The half-time assistantship generates a full stipend and the quarter-time assistantship generates a half stipend. Checks are issued monthly with students normally receiving four.

Graduate assistantships (GAs) are available in a variety of places across campus, from academic departments and research centers to administrative and service units. This type of graduate assistantship appointment comprises the largest number of awards offered by the University. Nondeclared students are not eligible for graduate assistantships. Graduate Assistantship Fact Sheet. BENEFITS Assistants must signup for payroll and must be informed of insurance benefits when hired. Each assistant must meet with a payroll representative as soon as the assistantship is accepted. SALARY GAT and GAR salary payments are distributed on the 1st working date of each month. GANTs are paid every two weeks and are required to complete a time sheet.

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Biology Graduate Assistantship Information. The Biology Graduate Assistantship will provide graduate students a stipend and a tuition waiver for six credit hours in each of the two academic terms (fall and spring). It is awarded for a period not to exceed two consecutive academic years. Requirements for application: 1. Applicant must be a CSU student who has been fully admitted to the Biology. If you are a graduate student with an assistantship, your first paycheck will most likely not be issued until a month after the start of your assistantship. Therefore, you should bring funds to cover your initial expenses. Be Aware of a Possible Deduction. The total value of your appointment or fellowship may be subject to a deduction of as much as 28 percent to cover taxes on the value of. Dates and Deadlines. Graduate Assistantship Policies. Graduate Assistantship Forms. Contact. The Graduate College is pleased to offer Graduate Assistantships at several levels and in different categories. Below are links to information to guide you through the graduate assistantship process. Students

Graduate Assistantship Positions. Graduate assistantships are part-time positions available for BU Wheelock graduate students. Graduate assistantship positions will be posted here as they become available. Students are encouraged to speak with their advisor to confirm that their program allows for the time an assistantship requires. To be eligible for consideration, you must be admitted to, or. Each graduate assistant worker file must contain: Graduate assistantship application, copy of graduate assistantship offer letter(s), copy of Personnel Action Form(s), copy of valid I-9 card, all training material including dates of completion of Title VI and Title IX online training courses, GTA Academic Preparation Certification Form (when applicable), work performance evaluation for each.

Graduate Assistantships. Graduate Assistantships Fall 2021 - Spring 2022. Please send the graduate assistantship application (PDF) along with a resume and 2 letters of recommendation to Gina Nedelka at gnedelka@molloy.edu . For any questions, please call 516-323-3380. 2021 Graduate Assistantship Brochure Graduate assistantship appointments are typically made on the following basis: summer term (eight weeks) spring/fall term (four and one-half months) nine months. 12 months. The term of an appointment of a research assistant may be based on the period of available grant funding. Renewal is at the discretion of the department or university office. Graduate Assistantship Campus Day. Have you submitted your applcation to assistantships above and received confirmation of admission to your graduate program? Then click here to register for the 2021 Graduate Assistantship Campus Day on Monday, February 8, 2021 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m (EST). Details: We ask that you hold the day to accomodate scheduling interviews and general programming. Graduate assistantships (GA) provide a tuition waiver in exchange for work in a college office. The graduate assistantship is applied to the semester in which the graduate student is registered; if a student is not registered during the semester they are ineligible to receive a graduate assistantship award. Typically, a student works 10 hours.

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  2. Graduate Assistantships are for one year with possible renewal the second year depending on performance and funding availability. In order to be considered for a graduate assistantship, go to the application link below and fill out and send in (email, FAX, or regular postal mail) the application by the due date. Late applications are generally.
  3. The Graduate Assistant Orientation provides teaching, research and graduate assistants with the tools needed to understand and meet the demands of an assistantship. The orientation doesn't have all the answers, of course, but it helps graduate assistants know which questions to ask and how to prepare themselves properly for negotiating the demands of study, work and personal life
  4. g a teaching assistant, or TA. An assistantship is a form of financial assistance provided to graduate students. They provide part-time academic employment and the school provides a stipend to the student. Teaching assistants receive a paid stipend and/or receive.
  5. Graduate assistantships provide financial assistance to graduate students as they pursue a degree. There are two kinds of assistantships: Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA) and Graduate Research Assistantships (GRA). GTAs share the faculty's responsibility for teaching, whereas GRAs do research under the supervision of a faculty member
  6. All graduate students holding an assistantship (teaching TA or research RA) are considered Nevada residents for tuition purposes. Non-resident tuition is only waived for the duration of the assistantship. Graduate assistantships are awarded by the applicant's graduate program or academic department, not by the Graduate School. For information regarding the availability of graduate.
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  1. ed by the department in which a GA works. To be eligible for a full or partial (50%) tuition waiver, students must have an appointment total of at least eight (8) hours.
  2. istrative service. The responsibilities may vary depending on the department's needs and the experience and academic qualifications of the graduate assistant. A full-time assistantship requires approximately 20 hours of work per week; a.
  3. istrative fields while pursuing their degree. Some.
  4. The graduate assistantship position at Counseling & Psychological Services is a 20 hour per week experience that can include the following activities: Two initial consultation sessions per week; Approximately eight individual counseling sessions per week; One hour of individual face-to-face supervision per week ; One and a half hours of weekly group supervision; Monthly full staff meetings and.
  5. Graduate Assistantship. Founded in 1869, Chatham University has an enrollment of over 2,200 students across over 60 undergraduate and graduate programs in our areas of excellence: sustainability & health, the arts & sciences and business & communications. Chatham has consistently been named a College of Distinction and a Best College by U.S. News & World Report, and--as the alma mater of.

Assistantship Eligibility: Only graduate students who are in good academic standing and making appropriate progress toward their degree are eligible for an assistantship. Continuing students must maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 to be eligible for an assistantship the following term. Students must be admitted to a degree program or certificate program. Non-degree status does not qualify one to. Graduate Assistantship Application. Eligibility: You must be a graduate student in good standing (3.0 GPA minimum), and admitted to a master's degree-seeking program. (Graduate students-at-large, students in certificate, licensure and endorsement programs are not eligible). Important note: Submitting this application is not a guarantee of.

General employment for graduate students is a reliable alternative or addition * to an assistantship that many graduate students take advantage of at Ball State. Find a position and apply to start the process. * Students with a graduate assistantship who also seek additional student employment must receive written permission from their department and the Associate Dean of the Graduate School. Graduate students can have no more than 3 incompletes (or 9 hours of I) in order to retain a graduate teaching assistantship and to attain a satisfactory annual performance rating.Once a student has a 3rd incomplete, they have one semester to remove this incomplete or else jeopardize their annual performance rating and graduate teaching assistantship

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Graduate Assistantship Rules & Regulations. How to Receive an Assistantship. Graduate assistantships within your academic unit can be offered with admission to the program. You would not need to fill out a GA application. The academic unit uses your admission application to determine that they will offer you a graduate assistantship and therefore you do not need to fill out a GA application. A Graduate Assistantship at USM is a great opportunity to gain valuable work experience and develop professional skills that enhance a student's academic and career goals, while also providing them with financial support.. Graduate Assistants (GAs) are, first and foremost, students - so each Assistantship is designed to serve the needs and cater to the lives of graduate students

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Graduate Assistantship and Graduate Hourly Appointments may be terminated by either party at any time for any reason. In the event of such termination and effective on the termination date, Mines will cease all stipend payments for services not yet rendered. Any payments made hereunder prior to termination that constitute irrevocable financial aid awards (e.g., tuition, fees, and health. Graduate Assistantship offers for the fall semester published before April 1st will therefore have a deadline of April 15th. All GA offers published after April 1st will have a two week acceptance period. All GA offers not accepted by the deadline published in the GA offer letter will be rescinded Complete the online Graduate Assistantship Application. This requires you to enter a valid email address. You will be required to sign in to your MyGeorgiaSouthern to complete your GA application. March 1 is the deadline for the receipt of applications to have priority consideration. Applicants are encouraged to submit applications early. Check the College of Graduate Studies website often for. Available Graduate Assistantship Positions. Departments with main campus graduate programs typically offer available graduate assistantships directly to students who are or will be enrolled in their programs. You should begin your search for an assistantship position within your department. Read more. about Graduate assistantship stipends serve as the primary means of support for many graduate students enabling them to pursue higher degrees and grow professionally through the development and application of discipline-based knowledge. At the same time, the University gains the benefit of assistant-provided, high quality services at reasonable cost. Thus, the graduate assistantship program is.

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Graduate assistantship jobs, and yes they are technically jobs, are an avenue for you to make it through graduate school almost completely debt free. Landing a graduate assistantship typically means you receive a tuition waiver (or partial wavier depending on the program), healthcare coverage, and a stipend of some kind. Other more well funded or high demand graduate assistantship programs. This includes any and all prior graduate assistantship appointments during the student's graduate studies at Slippery Rock University. In addition, students are eligible to complete the maximum of one graduate degree utilizing a graduate assistantship. Graduate assistantships are awarded as follows: one-quarter, half-time, three-quarter time, and full-time positions. Please refer to the chart. Graduate Research Assistant vs. Graduate Research Assistantship. Note the distinction between a graduate research assistant position and a Graduate Research Assistantship. A research assistant is typically an entry-level position that does not have to require enrollment in a degree seeking program. Though this is another direction you could go. As a research assistant, you would. The Graduate Assistantship is an excellent opportunity for students who have a genuine interest in the goals of the Program and want to assist in the administration of the Program, as well as assist in developing the Program's library resources. We offer one assistantship each year, in exchange for 18 graduate credits in tuition remission and a stipend. We select our Graduate Assistant based. Assistantship in Instruction. An Assistantship in Instruction (AI) is an appointment in which a graduate student receives a stipend and a tuition contribution for teaching. Students appointed to AIs may be involved in some combination of classroom teaching, laboratory supervision, and grading in undergraduate courses. Assistantship in Research. An Assistantship in Research (AR) is an.

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Graduate assistantships are offered by the academic unit, usually at the time of admission, and vary by program. Some assistantships are open for student applications and are posted on the student job board.. If you have questions about assistantship opportunities, contact your graduate program The majority of Ph.D. students are supported as Graduate Research Assistants during their tenure (typically 5 years). These assistantships provide an annual salary of $30,312, and tuition and health insurance is provided for all students. Fall 2022 applications received prior to January 1, 2022 will be reviewed. In order to increase the chance of an assistantship, applications are encouraged. Graduate Assistantship Programme In view of the conditions set forth by NTU for Research Scholarships, and keeping in line with the guidelines set by the Ministry of Education (MOE) for teaching assistantship (TA), the school implemented undergraduate supervision/teaching by graduate students as a training component for our Ph.D. students

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Graduate assistants must be regularly admitted graduate students in good academic standing in their degree program and the Graduate School. Students admitted provisionally may not be graduate assistants. Once a student has met their provisions, they are eligible to apply for a graduate assistantship The graduate assistantship program also covers any tuition differential associated with certain courses. This award does not pay mandatory fees (general fee, student center fee and technology fee), new student record initiation fee, registration fee, late registration fee, drop fees or late fees applied when bills are not paid. Graduate assistants receive library privileges. Graduate. Graduate Assistantship. An assistantship is a type of financial and work opportunity available to graduate students. There are 4 types of assistantships at UNM: Teaching, Research, Graduate and Project assistantships. Assistantships pay an hourly wage or monthly stipend to the student. Students receiving assistantships may teach, help grade class assignments, do research or other academic work.

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  1. al Justice and Social Work is an excellent way to offset the cost of your graduate education while you gain valuable experience working with department faculty. Graduate assistants will be paid a stipend of $15,000 to be distributed over the fall, spring and summer semesters
  2. Graduate Assistant Guidance on Illness/Exposure to COVID 19. If you are a current Graduate Assistant and have been exposed to COVID 19, have been tested for COVID 19, or have symptoms of COVID 19, please see the University guidance regarding how to proceed. Assistantship Descriptions. Teaching Assistant. A teaching assistantship (TA) is an appointment in which a graduate student's primary.
  3. A graduate assistant may accept concurrent employment outside the University only with permission from the assistantship department head and the assistant's graduate academic program chair. Graduate assistants must be enrolled at Penn State as graduate students. More specifically, because assistantships are provided as aids to completion of.
  4. The Graduate School provides the first year (two semesters) of funding for the AAGA recipient and the department/college is obligated to provide the remaining years of funding (in the form of a teaching assistantship or a research assistantship) as long as the student continues to maintain good standing in the program. For a M.A. student in good standing, this would usually amount.
  5. Download the Assistantship Policy Manual for graduate assistants at UIS. Contact Information. Please use email for all general inquiries about the GA Program. Email: gaprog@uis.edu. Office Location: PAC Building, Room 519. Phone: (217) 206-6544; Toll-free: (800) 252-8533. Graduate Assistantships. About ; Assistantship Selection Process; Application; Student Information; Contact; Site Map; Get.

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  1. The Graduate Assistantship will give the recipient experience by participating program development in higher education including exposure to accreditation requirements and reporting. There will also be opportunities to support the research projects of faculty and to gain exposure and experience with a variety of research efforts. Qualifications: Applicants must be full-time master's degree.
  2. Please direct all assistantship inquiries to Nicholas Sage Harris (nsharris@valdosta.edu). Become a Graduate Assistant. THE BENEFIT OF ASSISTANTSHIPS. Tuition is reduced in the following manner for both in-state and out-of-state students: Academic Year: GA's receive a stipend and tuition waiver for up to 15 credit hours. Any additional credits taken will be charged to the GA at the in-state.
  3. Students must be regularly accepted into a graduate degree program; have a Graduate Assistantship Application, three letters of recommendation and statement of goals on file in the Graduate School; must have a cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0 if no graduate hours have been earned or must have at least a 3.0 graduate GPA; and must be registered for 9 semester hours (Graduate.
  4. Graduate Assistantship Graduate Assistantship Opportunity. As a full-time GA, you will receive full tuition remission for 24 credits per academic year, plus a stipend. As a part-time GA, you will receive full tuition remission for 12 credits per academic year, plus a stipend. Learn more. Please contact our office at (717) 871-7549 or cdre@millersville.edu if you have any questions about our.
  5. To be eligible for an assistantship, you must: Receive an acceptance to a degree granting graduate program at Kean. This includes master's, professional diploma, and doctoral programs. Students matriculated in certification, online, non-degree, and non-matriculated programs are not eligible for a graduate assistantship
  6. Graduate assistantship students are encouraged to tender a letter of resignation if they are leaving their position before the end of their assistantship contract (e.g., withdrawing from the university, changing from salary to wages or changing status from student employment to faculty or staff). The student submits the letter to the appropriate program supervisor or payroll representative.
  7. The graduate assistantship in ISA requires the candidate to work 20 hours per week. The individual in this position will report to the Assistant Director for Intercultural Student Affairs. Additional qualifications include: An undergraduate bachelor degree. Prefer demonstrated involvement in diversity issues, multiculturalism, or social justice.

Graduate students appointed to an assistantship are expected to be involved in assistantship activities for a total of 18 weeks per semester (36 weeks for a fall/spring assistantship appointment). For example, for the 2019-2020 academic year the stipend for a ½-time, grade 12 assistantship is $20,790, and for a ½-time grade 15 assistantship is $23,490 Graduate Assistantship Program does not cover classes that a student withdraws from after the drop/add deadline. It is the student's responsibility to reimburse the University for the tuition associated with these courses. Tuition waivers are granted for undergraduate course units only when those courses are required as part of the graduate degree program. Because the students will be. Graduate students who have been fully admitted to a Master's, Specialist, or Doctoral program are eligible to apply for a School of Education and Human Development Graduate Assistantship. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and will be kept on file for all of the semesters indicated on the application (maximum of one year). When a position becomes available, the applications on file. Graduate Assistantship . The Office of Graduate Programs is now accepting applications for Graduate Teaching Assistant positions for the Fall 2021 semester. Graduate Teaching Assistantships are not guaranteed for future semesters. Graduate Teaching Assistants' responsibilities include, but are not limited to: Assisting faculty in administering synchronous online or in-person class sessions.

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Only matriculated Stanford graduate students, or for Research Assistantships only, nonmatriculated students in the classification of Student of New Faculty, may hold assistantship appointments. During the three quarters of the academic year, students must be enrolled in at least 8 units to hold an assistantship appointment Graduate Assistantship Offer/Appointment. Individual academic and administrative departments are responsible for offering an assistantship award, establishing the amount of the stipend, designing the work schedule, and monitoring the performance of the graduate assistant's duties and responsibilities. The student must formally accept or decline the offer in accordance with guidelines.

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Graduate Assistantship at Shaver's Creek: The assistantship for this research is for a 2-5 year period dependent on successful progress. The successful candidate will be a student in RPTM where they will work for approximately 5 hours per week as a research assistant. They will work for approximately 15 hours per week primarily as a Shaver's Creek teaching assistant. The logistics of working. In this video I share my experiences thus far with my graduate school assistantship. So far, I've only completed the application process. School starts on th.. Graduate assistantships are exceptionally competitive and are not available to all students. Non-degree and certificate-seeking only students are ineligible to hold a graduate assistantship. Undergraduate students admitted under the Senior Rule option, or in accelerated bachelor's to master's programs are not normally considered for.